About Hay Shire

The Hay Shire has the distinction of being one of the flattest sections of land in the world with a difference in elevation of only 17 metres between the highest and lowest points. Intersected at Hay by the Sturt, Mid-Western and Cobb Highways, the terrain is flat, almost treeless saltbush plain which at night becomes a canopy of stars from the magnificent 180 degree skyline.

Basic facts

  • Shire area is 11,348km(sq)
  • Population of 2445 people (2011)
  • Average rainfall is 367mm per year
  • Average Temperature:
    • Summer 32°c
    • Winter 16°c
  • Elevation 93 metres above sea level
Town/City Distance Travelling time   Town/City Distance Travelling time
Sydney: 735km 7hr   Griffith: 151km 1.5hr
Adelaide: 685km 6.5hr   Ivanhoe: 209km 2hr
Melbourne: 410km 4.5hr   Maude: 52km 0.5hr
Canberra: 517km 6hr   Mildura: 289km 3hr
Balranald: 133km 1hr   Narrandera: 175km 2hr
Booligal: 76km 0.75hr   Wagga Wagga: 272km 3hr
Deniliquin: 123km 1.25hr   West Wyalong: 256km 2.5hr