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Flood Update and Road Status Information

Council urges motorists to check the RMS www.livetraffic.com site for changing to road conditions, and advise caution when driving through flood effect roads.

The following roads are currently closed within the Hay Shire LGA:

                                                    Nap Nap Road

Current Flood height and predictions can be found on the following Bureau of Meteorology.

Murrumbidgee River Flood Bulletin

Hay Shire Local Government Area

The Hay Shire terrain is largely a flat, almost treeless saltbush plain offering a magnificent 180 degree skyline which at night becomes a canopy of stars as far as the eye can see. The Hay Shire incorporates the town of Hay and the villages of Booligal (made famous by Banjo Patterson, in "Hay and Hell and Booligal"), Maude and One Tree.

Travellers will arrive in the Shire via the Sturt, Mid-Western or Cobb Highways which intersect at Hay.

A friendly rural community, Hay is situated on the picturesque Murrumbidgee River, about halfway between Sydney and Adelaide and just over 400 kilometres from Melbourne.

The Hay Shire has a surprising amount of attractions worth a visit including wonderful museums, beautiful parks and gardens, and excellent recreational and sporting facilities. Whether you are a visitor or a resident, the Hay Shire has much to offer with its Exciting Heritage and Positive Future!

News & Events

Hay Community Strategic Plan Community Survey

Council is preparing its Community Strategic Plan which details objectives and priorities for the future of the Hay community over the next 10 years.

As a community representative we are seeking your input into what you think is important to the residents of Hay and what should be included in the plan.

It would be appreciated if you could provide an honest response to the following questions by 3rd February 2017. All answers will be collated and will assist in the formulation of the plan.

Complete survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TFFNGM2

6th January 2017 Newsletter

The 6th January 2017 Shire Snippets includes items on Maude Bridge Consultation, Dilapidated and Untidy Blocks and more...


With the recent flooding and the start of warmer weather, we are seeing a huge increase of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases, so it is important to avoid mosquito bites where possible.

Below is a link to information on Mosquito Born Infections

Mosquito Born Infections

Country Change

Are you dreaming of spending more time with your family? Perhaps you would like to add more balance to your life? A healthier and happier life may be your goal?

Then why not make a C Change, a Country Change by making the move to the Riverina-Murray Region of NSW in particular the historic township of Hay a place with exciting heritage and positive future. Kids on bikes, neighbours who know who you are and households that still leave their backdoors unlocked when they go out. No commuting, no traffic jams, more time for yourself and those that you care about. You can live the dream in the Riverina-Murray.

Council can assist in making the dream a reality with fully serviced residential blocks in a great location in its East Hay subdivision starting from $19,000. Contact Council on 02 6990 1100 to discover more about this great opportunity.

Visit http://www.countrychange.com.au to find out more.


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