Council Reports

Hay Council has made the following reports available for download. 


Community Strategic Plan 2017-20218.97 MBDownload
2017-2021 Delivery Plan inc. 2017/18 Operational Plan3.69 MBDownload
2017-2027 Long Term Financial Plan3.64 MBDownload
Fit for the Future Reassessment Proposal272.83 KBDownload
2015-2016 Financial Statements7.74 MBDownload
2015-2016 Annual Report1.46 MBDownload
2016-2020 Delivery & 2016-17 Operational Plan3.35 MBDownload
2016-2026 Long Term Financial Plan3.17 MBDownload
Bike Plan9.29 MBDownload
Annual Report 2014/151.20 MBDownload
2014/2015 Financial Report7.46 MBDownload
2015-2025 Long Term Financial Plan3.64 MBDownload
2015-2019 Delivery Plan 2015-2016 Operation Plan7.01 MBDownload
Hay Inclusion Action Plan6.29 MBDownload
GIPA Anual Report 2013-2014400.20 KBDownload
Annual Financial Report 2013-20147.82 MBDownload
Annual Report 2013-20141,011.49 KBDownload
2014-2024 Long Term Financial Plan5.62 MBDownload
2014-17 Delivery Plan7.35 MBDownload
DRAFT 2013-17 Delivery Plan incorporating 2014-15 Operational Plan4.69 MBDownload
2012-2013 Annual Report3.37 MBDownload
2012-2013 Financial Report7.19 MBDownload
2012-2013 GIPAA Annual Report312.83 KBDownload
2013-2017 Delivery Plan inc. 2013-2014 Operational Plan3.98 MBDownload
2013-2023 Resourcing Strategy5.51 MBDownload
2013-2023 Community Strategic Plan3.10 MBDownload
Murrumbidgee River Master Plan 20134.26 MBDownload
Annual Report 2011-20122.21 MBDownload
GIPA Annual Report 2011/2012311.44 KBDownload
Financial Report 2011-20126.46 MBDownload
2012-2022 Resourcing Strategy - Financial Component3.49 MBDownload
Asset Management Policy57.35 KBDownload
Asset Management Strategy455.53 KBDownload
Community Strategic Plan3.16 MBDownload
2012-2022 Resourcing Strategy & Long Term Financial Plan4.98 MBDownload
2012-2013 Delivery & Operational Plan3.71 MBDownload
Making Hay Commuity Development Plan Summary2.72 MBDownload
Making Hay Community Development Plan3.71 MBDownload
Economic Development Action Plan 2012-2017802.90 KBDownload
2010-11 Supplementary State of Environment Report3.06 MBDownload
2010/2011 Annual Report7.14 MBDownload
2011-2012 Management Plan3.47 MBDownload
2009-2010 Annual Report7.60 MBDownload
Economic Development Strategy 20101.08 MBDownload
Tourism Plan1.80 MBDownload
2010-2011 Management Plan2.04 MBDownload
Community Engagement Strategy 20101.83 MBDownload
2008/2009 Annual Report901.54 KBDownload
2009/2010 Management Plan267.55 KBDownload
Social & Community Plan 2004-2009633.01 KBDownload
Annual Report 2007-2008986.72 KBDownload