Contaminated Sites

The Office of Environment & Heritage in cooperation with Hay Shire Council has identified a number of sites or continuing operations that are classified as contaminated.

Sites that are, or have been used for industrial or commercial purposes may have unknown levels of contamination and are specifically under the control of the Office of Environment & Heritage controls. These known activities are classified under State Environment Planning Policy No. 55 as category 1 sites.

Under the same Environmental Policy, Hay Shire Council is responsible for assessment of any potential redevelopment of category 2 sites. These assessments involve environmental auditing and investigation of site contamination in soil conditions and potential ground water contamination. Evaluation of the potential hazard then determines the appropriate remedial action and removal of any potential contaminates.

Under NSW state laws, where a continuing operation has levels of potential pollution or environmental hazard, the Office of Environment & Heritage controls such premises and activities.

There are a number of potentially contaminated sites within the Hay Shire LGA that have been identified in the contamination policy available from Council.

Some of these sites have been remediated and are suitable for redevelopment provided certain structural adequacy precautions the of the ground conditions are investigated.

For more information on contaminated sites you can visit the Environmental Protection Authority website