Environmental Services
Skin Penetration
It is a requirement under the Public Health Regulation 2012 that all premises undertaking skin penetration procedures must register with their local Council.
Burning Off & Fireworks
Permits are required and must be obtained prior to burning off of any vegetation during the bushfire hazard season within the Shire. Permits are also required for fireworks displays.
Contaminated Sites
The Department of Environment & Climate Change in coop with local Council has identified a number of sites or continuing operations that are classified as contaminated.
Neighbourhood Issues
This section covers common neighbourhood issues including noise, dividing fences, trees – (disputes between neighbours), magpies, mosquitos, bees and snakes.
Levee Bank
Hay Shire Council is currently upgrading the flood protection levee system for the town of Hay. The northern town levee bank was originally constructed in the mid 1950's and was successful in saving Hay from flooding during a major flood in 1956. The levee bank was extended with a southern section in 1974.
Noxious Weeds
Council oversees and controls noxious weeds on:- Council owned land, Privately owned land including landowners and lessees, Crown land on behalf of the State Government.