Planning & Development
Applications & Certificates
Information, application and certificate forms are available in this area.
Footpath Trading
Footpath trading encompasses; Alfresco dining, stalls & footpath trading, sandwich board signs, driveway cross overs & street trees.
Planning Issues
Council releases a quarterly builder’s magazine providing information and guidelines for the building industry of legislative changes or other changes to the Australian Standards.
Plumbing and Drainage Standards
The State Government Plumbing and Drainage Standards apply to all publicly operated water and sewerage reticulation schemes. Find out more here.
Building & Development Information
HERE ARE A FEW USEFUL TIPS * If it is less than 10 square metres in area and behind the front line of the house – you DON’T need council approval. If it is more than that area you will need a Development Consent or a Complying Development Certificate.
Swimming Pools
Swimming pools can have a fatal attraction to young children so there are certain mandatory safeguards in place which are required by the Swimming Pool Act.